policy statement

SVM GmbH has specialized as a company in the field of valve assembly for power plants and industrial plants. The high quality demands of our customers and the increasingly complex solutions to problems require the highest quality and precision as well as safety requirements. Avoiding accidents is the top priority.

Risk-based thinking based on a process-oriented approach determines our actions. We act according to the PDCA model. We identify the parties interested in our company, as well as their needs and expectations. This determination is continuously checked and monitored.

The company's success is based on its ability to adapt to the special wishes and requirements of customers and plants. We want to increase customer satisfaction through continuous improvements.

We want to be a reliable and competent partner for our customers. That is why our quality and SHE policy focuses on

  • the consistent customer orientation
  • the constant further education and training of all employees in the relevant areas
  • the prevention of accidents, occupational diseases and work-related health hazards
  • the prevention of damage to the environment and property
  • the secure control of all processes and procedures as well as their continuous improvement

Therefore, we align our company management according to the international standards  DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 , the  SCC** (Version 2011)  and the set of rules according to KTA 1401, the principles of which we document in a manual and the associated instructions.

We have determined the risks and opportunities of our processes, named those responsible for the processes and defined risk reduction measures.

Our employees work highly motivated and flexibly in their areas of work and make an important contribution to meeting the requirements of our customers. We maintain and support this way of working by promoting independence and a sense of responsibility, developing and defining stable work processes as well as competencies and responsibilities.

A positive error discussion is part of dealing with each other. Errors - including their own errors - are reported by our employees to management exclusively with the aim of analyzing, minimizing or eliminating the causes of errors. Every employee is responsible for the quality and occupational safety in their area of ​​action and influence.

In order to ensure compliance with the principles we have set up, the management takes care of the preservation and efficiency of our business processes. This ensures that our management system is fully implemented and further developed.

Trust our experience and our full line of certifications

The main point is confidence. You can have confidence in our planning, carrying out and evaluating of  your revision projects. We attach great importance to further training of our team. You can take a complete certification of our company for granted. As a customer you  have only one partner for contact and coordination.